Rachel’s Prom Fantasy

Hi! My name is Rachel and a few years ago while in high school I was unable to attend my Junior or Senior prom due to financial issues. I did however, buy a beautiful purple prom dress thinking I was able to go. I had sat out on what was going to be the most memorable time of my entire high school experience.

Years later, I realized my prom dress was collecting dust and wanted to see it be put to use… SO, I came up with the idea of a PROM DRIVE for girls who are less fortunate and cannot afford a prom dress. I even donated my original dress to one of the incredible girls!

Rachel’s Prom Fantasy turned out to be such a magical experience for not only me but for several girls in the surrounding Philadelphia schools. Dresses were donated to me from as far as Arizona! SOOOOOOO, If any one would like to help, please donate your gently used prom dress to my Prom Drive! Please deliver or mail your dress to 2808 Southampton Road, Philadelphia PA 19154 Academy Injury and Health Center.

Rachel's Prom Drive

Now accepting prom dress donations and online applications for girls needing dresses! Click the link to learn more!